Selling your home is a big decision and can be frustrating if it isn’t going how you want it to. Mistakes can easily be made during the process of sale. Eliminating these 3 common ones can help you sell your home:

Poor Advertising

In order to sell your home successfully, you need to advertise it widely but you need to have the right elements in place before you advertise. A well-staged home that is clean, neat and free of clutter will draw the right attention. Advertising both locally and online will help you to reach more people who are interested in your home. Advertising online using social channels is something to definitely consider.  It is possible to target more people in different geographical locations, reach more people, measure the Return on Investment and have more people interested in your property than traditional print.

Not Trusting your Agent

It is worthwhile investing time into researching agents, you don’t want to end up with someone who is incompetent and you don’t get along with.  You should feel comfortable in handing your home over to them and that they are going to get the results you want to see. They are the middle man between you and your potential buyers and should have the right skills and communication methods. They should be motivated and organised. If you can’t trust them to do their job, it is going to make selling your home a very difficult process.

Too High Priced

Don’t let emotional attachment force you into asking for a higher price than what your home is worth. You will end up with people going to a competitor to get a similar home for a better overall price. A good agent knows the local market trends. It may be worth setting a lower price for your home, this may encourage some competition between buyers and could end up with a higher offer.

Our Approach As Real Estate Agents

At Barnett Real Estate, we use effective online marketing strategies to ensure your property is in front of ‘in-the-market’ buyers right from the start.  Combined with our extensive experience, innovative approaches and specialised knowledge of the Geelong real estate market, we get the best results for our clients. If you’re interested in selling a property in the Geelong region, call us today on 03 5222 1488 or contact us online for more information.