How To Prepare For Your New Home

You’ve had the auction, tick! You’ve booked the moving van, tick! Now it’s time to get ahead before the big day with this handy list of jobs that can be done well in advance of the move so you are ready for your new home. With a little research and preparation, you too can have a stress-free experience.

Pre-organise your new home’s set up

As you will be transferring or cancelling your utilities when you move out, and setting up a fresh account at your new home, this is a great opportunity to investigate and compare energy providers to see what deals they can offer. Do this a few weeks before the move so you’re fully prepared with the relevant contact numbers and account details on the day.

a business owner sits at her desk holding a bill and speaking on the phone to her bank or service provider. her expression is one of displeasure.

Book your Internet connection

There’s nothing worse then going without the Internet for a few weeks, however if you don’t book your slot for reconnection a few weeks in advance of the move day, you may find you are at the back of a long queue. This is also a great chance to check out the best deals on offer and bag a bargain rate.

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Review house and content insurance

It’s important to be covered for the duration of the move. Organise for your current home insurance policy to cease the day after you’ve moved out, then sort your new insurance policy to start the day before you move. This way all your furniture and valuables will be covered on moving day when you’re essentially homeless.

Create a moving file

Keep important documents regarding the move, and any other legal documents, in a dedicated folder so you have crucial telephone numbers close to hand. Make sure this folder goes with you in your car, not the moving van, and you’ll feel pretty smug of your organised self!

Accumulation of files.

Change your address

Notify important parties of your new address way in advance of your move, such as banks, insurance and utility companies, schools and doctors, the electoral office and car registration. Don’t forget to return any library books as they’re guaranteed to be lost in the chaos of the move, and alert any magazine or newspaper subscriptions of your new address too.

Forward your post

At the post office, fill out a change of address form with the date that you’d like your mail to start being delivered to your new property. If you have a few weeks of crossover before moving in, you can get your mail forwarded to an interim address for a chosen amount of time.

Schedule any necessary repairs or decoration

Book in the necessary tradies to carry out any essential repairs or decorating jobs before or as soon as you move in. With the chaos that follows a move, it’s a good opportunity to complete any messy jobs while you’re still getting your home in order.

Carpenter And Apprentice Installing Luxury Fitted Kitchen

Obtain parking permits

Even if you have a garage or off-street parking, it’ll be useful to obtain parking permits for your moving van and any friends or family that will be lending a helping hand on the day.

Ensure a good first night’s sleep

Have you considered the window treatments in your new home? If you’re lucky enough to be moving into a property that has blinds or curtains already fitted, they’ll be ideal for ensuring your first night’s sleep is a sound one. However, bare windows with no coverage won’t be fun, so make sure you’ve got easy-to-fit solutions, such as portable black-out blinds, to keep everyone happy.

Window with sand coloured roll blinds

Keep valuables safe

Items like passport, hand-held devices, and sentimental jewelry, are easy pickings if left exposed at the back of an open movers van, so plan to keep such valuables securely hidden and with you, not the van.

Prepare an essentials box

You’ll be dying for a cup of tea, or maybe a beer, once the movers have left, so make sure your cups and bottle opener are close at hand in a dedicated essentials box. Other items to include in the box are things like toilet rolls, towels, a tool box and even the remote controls, so you can get your home comforts up and running in no time. Then pop that bottle of fizz and toast to your exciting future!

Couple Celebrating Moving Into New Home With Champagne

Written by Louise O’Bryran and Jason Barnett