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Ensuring Your Rental Receives the Best Return on Investment

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Your rental property is an important investment that should be treated like any other profit generating business. Property investors should be thinking about how they can increase their rental yield...

Rental checklist: Everything you need to know before you sign the lease

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Have you been looking for a house for lease in Belmont or Newtown and you’re desperate to secure your perfect property? Do you think you’ve found your new home? It’s...

Don’t Let The Hidden Costs of Renting Surprise You

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Whether you’re a new tenant moving into your first rental, or you are moving onto your next temporary home, consider all the setup costs so you don’t get surprised with...

How to Style Your Rental on a Budget

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Even if you don’t own your home you can still live beautifully and make your rental property feel special with some creative ideas that don’t cost the earth. When it...

Rental Appraisal Form

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How Will the Changes to Tenancy Laws Affect You as a Tenant?

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The Victorian government is set to introduce new laws aimed at giving tenants of rental properties more rights. Some of these reforms introduced by the Andrews government will come as...

Impress Buyers With a Summer – Happy Home

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Selling in Summer Has One Huge Advantage – Your Home Should Be Looking its Very Best. Let There Be Light Sunshine and summer are synonymous. Buyers will be looking for...

Jason’s Experience Renovating His Own Home

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Despite having to put up with having a possum living in the roof, cats under the floorboards and tradies arriving every day at 7am, Barnett Property’s Jason Barnett has enjoyed...

Spring Market Update

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Once again, Geelong is a major growth area this spring selling season. Listing numbers are increasing, demand is strong and auction clearance rates are high. According to a recent report,...