There is conflicting information out there, about whether you should have furniture in your home when you sell it. Some will tell you having it fully furnished gives people a chance to see the home lived in, which makes it warm and inviting. Others will tell you potential buyers like an empty property allowing them to picture their items in the prospective home. It may feel less invasive to them to look around a home without someone else’s personal belongings all over it.


When it is furnished, potential buyers can visualise what the home looks like with furniture. Most of the time, research shows a home with furniture will sell before one that is without any.  A house which is furnished well, neat, clean and not cluttered may actually add more to the value of your home.  You may want to consider professional home styling providers who can come in and style your home before the selling campaign starts.

Without Furniture

It may be easier for you to move all of your belongings and then to put the home on the market depending on your circumstance.  Just make sure that if you choose to show your home unfurnished that the remaining space is clean and in good condition.  For example, removing furniture may reveal worn carpet areas or dirty walls.  There is no hard and fast rule, but we will work with you to make sure that your home is in tip top condition before any prospective buyer views your property.


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