Do you prefer being inside or out? Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space at your place and you can have the best of both worlds.

On deck

A deck or patio is the perfect foundation for your entertaining zone. If you’re building from scratch consider the position of your decking. Build close to the kitchen and living areas if possible, adding large doors that can be left open to give seamless flow between the two areas.

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Cover up

A weather-proof roof is an invaluable addition to your outdoor space. Permanent structures can be expensive but will make your entertainment zone useful for the entire year. Fancy cuddling up and watching the stars at night? Add skylights to permanent roofing, or invest in a louvre system that you can open up at the touch of a button.

Add furniture

Think of your entertaining space as you would any other room of your house. Choose seating that is both comfortable and attractive. Durability is a consideration if the area will be exposed to the elements. Outdoor lounge settings that mimic indoor settings are a popular choice. Add a dining table if you intend to eat outside frequently. Bar tables are a great solution when space is tight, and will also give the feeling of being at a tropical resort! Pass my mojito please!

Keep it green

Embrace being outdoors and go for a lush feeling in your entertaining area. Surround the area with trees, succulents and flowering plants. Potted plants can be a great solution. Vary the heights of plants to add interest.

Fire up

Create your own outdoor kitchen with a top-end barbecue or pizza oven. Add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to instantly add intimacy and warmth to the space.

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Create atmosphere

Personalise your space with lighting, outdoor speakers and cute accessories. String fairy lights through the bushes and hang paper lanterns for special occasions. Make as much effort setting your outdoor table as you would inside. The idea is to bring all the best bits of being inside outside, with the added benefit of being able to enjoy the great outdoors.

Follow these tips and your place will soon become the place to be! For more entertaining advice sign up to our newsletter, here.

Written by Kate Shaw and Jason Barnett