A well-styled home is a must if you are looking to sell your house. There are many home styling companies who will offer their expertise for a price, but follow these tips and not only will you find styling your home a breeze, you could save a fortune in the process!

Declutter, declutter, declutter

The number one tip for a well-styled home is to clear out your old clutter! Your vintage teapot collection may hold a special place in your heart, but it probably won’t have the same appeal to potential buyers. Remove family photos, kids’ toys and paperwork. Clean surfaces are a great starting point for a polished look.

She's house proud

Store furniture

Large items of furniture should be moved into storage to create a sense of space in your home. Ensure the furniture that remains works well together. Less is more when styling a home. Consider moving out for the time your house is on the market, or take the family away for the weekend when open homes are scheduled.

Update your accessories

Give your home a contemporary feel with a few up-to-the minute accessories. Keep an eye out for bargains – Kmart and Target have great on-trend and inexpensive ranges. You only need a few new pieces to lift the look of your home. Arranging items in groups of three is a popular styling trick.

Unglazed ceramic vases

Make your bed

Make your beds up to hotel standard. Wash and iron linen, invest in European-sized pillows and add a finishing touch with fresh flowers by the bed. Your bedroom will become your sanctuary!

Woman relaxing inside her beautiful bedroom

Flaunt your assets

Showcase your home’s selling points. If you have beautiful floorboards don’t hide them with over-sized rugs. Likewise, keep window dressings to a minimum if you have a great view. Ensure your home is thoroughly clean and looking (and smelling!) its very best.

Style your kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms can be given an instant lift. Start with a thorough clean in the bathroom, removing old towels and putting toothbrushes, cups and cosmetics away. Invest in fluffy white towels and a luxurious scented candle or infuser. Fresh flowers or lush green house plants will give the feeling of a spa. Scrub the kitchen, buy some trendy new tea towels and once again add house plants or a living wall – herbs are a perfect addition in a kitchen.

Stack of folded white spa towels over blurred bathroom background

Brighten up outdoor areas

While a muted colour palette is the way to go inside, adding bold colour outside will create a feel-good space. Brighten up your outdoor areas with pops of colour. Bold cushions or outdoor beanbags will create a contemporary, relaxed feel. Paper lanterns are another inexpensive way to add colour and whimsy to outdoor areas.


Once your house is perfectly styled and ready for its opens your only job is to keep it that way! Replace fresh flowers as soon as they start to droop, keep up the cleaning and don’t let the clutter re-enter your space. It may seem a lot of work, but putting in the effort now will reap certain rewards, and with a quick sale you will have your weekends back before you know it!

Written by Kate Shaw and Jason Barnett