man toasting speech at friends outdoor garden party with wine drinks

It’s warming up so that means we’re spending more time outside, hooray! But is your exterior ready for some springtime entertaining? Spring jobs like pruning bushes, rejuvenating lawns and scrubbing decks are all ideal when the weather isn’t too wet and the heat is manageable, so grab your gardening kit and head outside to get your garden ready for entertaining alfresco.

A garden gloved hand manually pulls a weed from the grass with the help of a weed pulling tool.

Weed them out

As well as being a rewarding job that will give you instant satisfaction, weeding your flowerbeds is a perfect springtime task so you can remove the plants before they start growing with renewed vigour. Hand weed or use a hoe to pull the weeds out, and target persistent plants with weed killer to keep them away.

Girl cuts or trims the bush (rose) with secateur in the garden

Prune back
Your garden might not have grown a great deal during winter however it’s bound to look a bit dishevelled and frost damaged, so dedicate a weekend to pruning back bushes and deadheading flowers to make way for fresh spring growth. To ensure your plants have a continuous bloom through the months to come, snip spent flowers regularly so they keep their good looks.

Photograph of lawn mower on the green grass. Mower is located on the left side of photograph with low angle view on grass field.

Rejuvenate your lawn
Do you long for lush green grass? Is your lawn looking more bleak than blossoming? Then spring is the time to feed it some love. Start by raking up any dead moss or leaves, and then scatter a slow-release complete lawn feed that will renew your grassy patches. Re-seeding or re-turfing bare areas is also a good idea this time of year, but be sure to keep everyone off the grass until it is thoroughly established.

Paint brush and tin can used to stain hardwood

Refresh the deck

Wooden decks can become mossy or dirty over the wetter, colder months and as a result they can become slippery. Wash them down with a fast acting deck cleaning solution that will get rid of moss, mould and algae, creating a brand new look. For an either bigger transformation, give it a new lease of life with a deck paint that can be applied with a roller for ease.

powerwashing the yard., low view of wellington boots and nozzle of a power washer.

Pressure wash stone paving

Stone paving can also be brought back to life with a simple pressure wash. If you have jet adapter for washing the car, then use this on the stones and they will come up a treat – just be sure not to hold the washer too close to the surface so you don’t damage the stone. Alternatively you could hire a jet washer for the day, or employ a professional to help out, and get the job done properly in time for those alfresco gatherings.

colorful chairs on the green grass

Paint garden furniture and sheds

Wooden garden furniture can be prone to weather damage through the colder months so consider repainting or re-oiling your dining set or bench for a fresh new look. Outdoor furniture paint now comes in many colours allowing you to create a striking look. Try Taubman’s Endure exterior paint in Glorious Sky for a touch of coastal chic, while the Hampton Inn grey hue will bring a sophisticated touch to your outdoor area. If you would prefer to revitalise the natural texture and colour of your wooden furniture or shed, try re-oiling for a beautiful organic look.

Clean up outdoor seating

If you’ve been storing outdoor cushions for canvas or rattan furniture, now’s a good time to give it a wash down to remove any dirt and mildew that might have built up over winter. A simple soapy water solution and scrubbing brush is all you will need to clean up your cushions, and further protect your furniture with a fabric protector that you can spray on once it’s clean and dry.

A man is cleaning grill grates with a wire brush

Scrub the BBQ

It’s likely that you haven’t used the BBQ for a few months so give it a thorough scrub and wash down to remove any built up of oil or grease. Replenish the gas bottle and give all your cooking tools a good wash too so that you are fully prepared for the first cook up of the summer.

Aquatic garden in a home backyard.

Clean out ponds and water features

Remove dead plants, leaves and any rubbish that has accumulated in your pond or water feature, and then top it up with fresh water. Algae should be scooped out and water plants should be re-potted to encourage new growth.

Farmer planting young seedlings of lettuce salad in the vegetable garden

Plant up veggies or a herb garden

Whether you plan to start a whole new veggie plot or you simply want to pop a few herbs into a window box, spring is a rewarding time to start growing your favourite flavours. Ensure you choose a sunny spot that has plenty of drainage and only grow what you can manage and look after.

Close-up of window decorated with tulip flowers in box, Riga, Latvia

Front yard freshen up
Just like your interior, your exterior could do with a good spring clean too. Give your front garden a good sweep up and wash down windows, doors and any fencing covered in road dust. Then revive your front space with colourful window boxes, pots or hanging baskets. Spring annuals will give your exterior an instant lift – try flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips for a burst of spring cheer.


Written by Louise O’Bryan and Jason Barnett